Dodson Legal Family Law

Family law is exactly what it sounds like. It encompasses everything involved with the family, including spouses, children, and everything incident to these relationships.


Our firm sees both contested and uncontested divorces and assists in the preparing and finalizing of the proper documentation that is required to finalize both uncontested and contested divorces. Going through an uncontested divorce is more advantageous than a contested divorce because reaching an agreement with a former, or soon to be former, spouse can reduce the cost of legal proceedings, foster open communication, ease the transition for any children the spouses may have, and may lead to a better resolution of future disputes.

However, if an agreement is not possible, our firm assists in guiding clients through the options that are available. If the contested divorce reaches litigation, the court will make a final determination of the disposition of assets, debts, child custody, and support issues. If the parties reach agreement thorough mediation, the agreement will be reduced to writing and will be executed by all parties present, including both the attorneys and clients. If the parties end up in binding arbitration, the court will issue an order reflecting the arbitrator’s award. Finally, there is collaboration, which is a voluntary alternative to all the above, where the parties amicably negotiate a resolution, rather than obtain a ruling imposed by an arbitrator or court or having the agreement reduced to a contract, like with mediation.

Child Custody and Support

A person may have a close relationship with their child that they may wish to maintain, and our office can help preserve that relationship with our assistance in the child custody matter. Additionally, if the relationship is a bit strained due to the divorce, our office can help foster and build that relationship by advising on what is best for all parties involved.

There can be many motivations and needs in seeking child support, and our firm assists in all aspects and stages of child support issues. A person may be seeking to memorialize a current child support arrangement, require assistance initiating child support proceedings, or need help responding to a child support payment request.

Modification and Enforcement

Sometimes prior agreements need to be modified due to changing circumstances, or an agreement may need to be enforced because one party is not complying. Our firm regularly assists with these issues. In addition to a change in circumstances or a case of a non-compliant party, there may be issues of modification and enforcement because three or more years have passed since the entry of the divorce decree, child support may be inadequate, or the other party may be denying access to the child or children. Issues surrounding non-compliant parties include situations where a former partner has outright violated a divorce decree, support order, or visitation order, or a former partner has failed to pay child or spousal support.

Additional Services

In addition to the already mentioned services, our firm also provides assistance in the following areas:

  • Mediation

  • Temporary Orders

  • Protective Orders

  • Name Change

  • Pre-Marital Agreements

  • Termination of Withholding

  • Clarification of Orders

  • Paternity Issues

  • Kincare

  • Grandparents Rights

  • Conservatorship

  • Informal Settlement Agreements

Reasons to Choose Our Firm

There are other family law attorneys out there, but we provide a service unlike many other firms. We display professionalism by having high standards and a specialized staff. We offer zealous representation by giving our clients personal and professional attention and advocating for our clients in a personal and professional manner. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and are dedicated to the personal concerns of our clients. We take into consideration our clients’ finances by offering flexible payment plans and set fee planning, which are both available on request. Finally, we offer the availability that many law firms cannot provide by making ourselves available for our clients’ questions and concerns. We also offer free consultations to our potential family law clients