Contract Law

Business done without a contract can be very risky, leaving any parties involved vulnerable to mishaps, breach or unfairly manipulations. Without a carefully and considerately drafted contract, parties involved are left with little, if any, legal recourse in response to any breach of an agreement or underhanded activity. Protect your business and transactions by giving yourself security with a well-rounded contract. Dodson Legal Group has all of the experience necessary to negotiate and draft contracts that have your best interests in mind.


Business agreements and relationships can sometimes go sour with or without a party’s intention, and this is sometimes in connection with a contract breach. That is why Dodson Legal Group not only has the ability to represent the transactions, but we can in turn defend or prosecute any contract issue from any contract entered on behalf of any party. If you feel that another party in your contract has violated that agreement or if you have been unfairly accused of a contract violation, Dodson Legal Group is ready to represent you and resolve any and all of your contractual issues.

Strategic Planning

A business is truly only as strong as the plan that guides it and establishes its infrastructure. That is why a strategic plan is an essential part of knowing the destination of success for your business and how you plan to get there. Strategic planning provides a platform and a set of guidelines for decision making, explains the business plan, and sets goals and milestones with an effectively flexible time line that keeps your business on track while also allowing for the unforeseen interference. Dodson Legal Group can help you to create a thorough and understandable strategic plan to establish the goals of you and your business as well as provide insight as to strategies that will make your venture sustainable and successful.