As an alternative to having your case decided by a Judge, parties interested in obtaining a personalized resolution to their conflict should consider Mediation. Mediation is a confidential process where Ms. Dodson will encourage and facilitate communications between parties to a conflict in an effort to reach an agreement to the satisfaction of the parties. Upon the agreement of both parties, Ms. Dodson will act as an advocate for the resolution of the issues presented rather than provide a final opinion or ruling on the issues.


One or two days of mediation are less expensive than one or two years of litigation. Parties that are interested in resolving their dispute may bypass the litigation process in part or altogether via pre-trial settlement. Additionally, other legal options remain possible if all issues are not resolved during Mediation.


Unlike most court cases, the Mediation process is confidential. The Mediator is bound by confidentiality. Confidential information disclosed by either party during the course of Mediation cannot be used as evidence at trial. The Mediator cannot be called to testify as to statements, offers, or information made by either party during the mediation process.


During Mediation, the parties are not expected to follow the formal procedural court rules. Mediation is interest based resolution process that allows each party to express their individual needs and wants to obtain a personalized agreement.


Mediation can be used as an opportunity for each party to control the outcome of their respective disputes. The responsibility for reaching an agreement remains in the hands of the parties. The Mediator does not “decide” the outcome of the case; the Mediator helps the parties reach an agreement to resolve their case.