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“Our job is to represent and protect you in those important moments that could take your business to the level of success you’ve been dreaming of.”

Strategic Planning

A business is truly only as strong as the plan that guides and establishes its infrastructure. Which is why a strategic plan is an essential part of knowing what success looks like for your business, and how you plan to get there. Our strategic planning services at Dodson Legal Group provide a structure and a set of guidelines for your business plan and decision-making processes. As well as provide a flexible, personalized, timeline for your short-term and long-term business goals to keep your business on track while also confidently preparing you for any unforeseen interference. Helping you create a thorough and comprehensible strategic plan to establish the goals for you and your business, as well as providing strategic insights that will make your venture sustainable and successful.

Contract Law

Business done without a carefully drafted contract can leave you vulnerable to mishaps, breaches, and unfair manipulations. Without carefully drafted contracts parties are left with few, if any, legal remedies to the breaches in agreement. Protect your business and transactions by giving yourself security with a well-rounded contract. Our business and transactional attorneys at Dodson Legal Group are here to help you draft and negotiate contracts that are sure to have you and your best interests in mind.

Business Litigation

Business agreements and relationships can sometimes go, well…. sour. Often times these sour relationships are a result of a contract violation(s), whether intentional or unintentional. This is why our attorneys at Dodson Legal Group are not only equipped to represent you on behalf of your contract, but also have the ability to defend, or prosecute, any contract-related issue that you may face. If you feel that another party in your contract has violated your agreement or if you have been unfairly accused of a contract violation, our attorneys are here to represent you and resolve any and all of your contractual issues.

Business Development Services

A successful corporate structure should be an extensively planned and researched aspect of your business, that accurately represents the prosperity and goals of your business. Forming corporations, companies, joint ventures, limited liability companies (LLCs), etc. is a particularly delicate process that requires extreme attention to detail. Starting your business with a strong legal framework will give you the knowledge and assurance of having a bright and successful future. At Dodson Legal Group we provide extensive services, including but not limited to the examination of your business’ operations, policies, and legal framework to ensure their compliance with local and state laws.

Corporate Structuring

Need help deciding what type of business entity makes the most sense to maximize operating flexibility, protection of assets, legal protection, or potential dissolution? Maybe you need help determining which business structure allows for maximum flexibility for both your investments and your investors? A consultation with one of our attorneys will ensure you can be advised on the intricacies of:



Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

Limited partnerships


Offshore Corporations and Trusts

Business Planning

While no two businesses are the same, one thing all successful businesses all have in common is a solid business plan. If you are an entrepreneur seeking an investor, loan, grant, or some other source of funding to begin your venture, you will need a carefully written business plan that will detail the start-up requirements, and structure how those assets will be used and distributed throughout the business.

At Dodson Legal Group we help companies do just that. Each strategic plan is tailored and customized to meet your business goals and show potential investors, partners, banks, or any other funding resource that you have what it takes to be a success.

Business Capital Services/ Financing

One of the most critical parts of getting your business off the ground and underway is that first investment. Our team at Dodson Legal group has assisted in the preparation of several multi-million-dollar private offerings for retail establishments, medical clinics, real estate developments, airline services, manufacturing plants, and technology opportunities. These offerings are generally placed through Broker-Dealers with Dodson Legal Group assisting in compliance. Our job is to represent and protect you in those important moments that could take your business to the level of success you’ve been dreaming of.


Many specialized businesses are required to obtain special licenses for a variety of reasons. A business in the food industry is required to have certain licenses for health and sanitation purposes that look completely different from the licensing requirements of a construction company. This is why it is important to know what licenses your industry requires, how to get them, when they expire, and how the requirements may vary from state to state. Our licensing services at Dodson Legal Group expedite the formation, legalization, and licensing of your business to make sure that you are legally protected and legitimate.

Corporate Counsel

When important decisions need to be made without delay, Dodson Legal Group can provide ongoing legal support for you and your business within 24 hours of notice. Our office can review and evaluate any and all documentation necessary to resolve a dispute or adopt a new venture. We also continually keep your corporate records up to date and send reminders about other legal formalities that arise. We do everything we can to make sure that we will be there when you are in need of immediate legal counsel, representation, and protection.

Wealth Planning & Asset Protection

Family Limited Partnerships & Other Business Entities
A properly structured Family Limited Partnership (FLP) or Limited Liability Company (LLC) can provide protection from creditors, however, there are limitations to the extent of asset protection these plans can provide. Most states have adopted some form of the Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act (RULPA). Under RULPA, a creditor of a partner in a limited partnership, cannot be substituted for the debtor’s partner. Instead, the creditor can petition a court for a “charging order” that gives the creditor the right to receive any and all distributions from the partnership that the debtor partner would otherwise be entitled to receive. Similar laws limit creditors of LLC members to petitioning for a charging order.

For many years, shifting ownership of assets to a spouse whose risk of liability was less than that of the other, was a commonly employed asset protection technique. Subject to the laws against transfers for the purpose of committing fraud, assets owned by a spouse are not available to satisfy a judgment or order against the other spouse.

Shielding Assets from Creditors

Some people own very little of their assets in their own name. Instead, they place their assets into a trust, foundation, or other entity. If a creditor wanted to sue them, they would find that the person being credited actually owned very little of their assets. Assets owned by a trust, foundation, or other entity, when properly established, are generally not subject to the claims against the individual. Placing assets into an asset protection entity can remove them from a person’s ownership, in turn, protecting your hard-earned wealth from life’s uncertainties.

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