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August 11, 2020

Dying Without a Will in Texas

"Who Will Inherit My Assets if I Die Without a Will?" This is a question I often get from clients. In the state of Texas, if you are survived by your family and do not have an estate plan, the state divides your assets based off of something called Intestate Distribution. Intestate Distribution is
August 11, 2020

5 Simple Steps to Help Kickstart Your Estate Plan

I haven’t had time to get around to it" "I don’t have enough assets to leave anyone" "Estate Planning is too expensive" "I don’t know how to get a will or living trust" Have you ever caught yourself saying any of these things when trying to reason with the fact that you still haven't
June 16, 2020
going from partner to entrepreneur

3 Things to Consider Before Going from Partner to Entrepreneur

Are you looking to fill your entrepreneurial spirit by starting a new business? Or looking for alternatives, because you’re unhappy with the current business venture? Although there are benefits to having business partners, sometimes, it’s better just to go at it alone.